Mar 17

Engine Intake & Carb Setup

Final assembly of Rick Goffs engine.  Intake & carb set up is
next and then it will have the cam burned in.



Tri-Mill Exhaust system works super.  We have used more than 20 of these
in recent years.



5 1/2 pound degree wheel pulley. Balanced!


Feb 03

Thing Day Trip to Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions

Dana & Steve Petrie, some of our BTG members set us up for a tour of the Tactical Solutions manufacturing facility here in Boise.  Tactical Solutions is an American company, manufacturing state of the art & innovative accessories for firearms. Chet Alvord, the VP of Tactical Solutions spent more than two hours giving us a guided tour and in-depth view of the high tech machining and quality control Tactical Solutions invests in each of their quality products.

tacSol                                       Things arriving at the Tactical Solutions facility.


TacSol35Chet Alvord VP showing us the rifle case that is sourced locally and of
super quality.

TacSol11Chet showing us how some of the CNC machines were set up.



TacSol24Machinist explaining to me how the barrels were sleeved.



TacSol29Chet explaining the difference between a silencer & a suppressor.



TacSol34Checking out their rifle stocks.


TacSol38Newly minted receivers.


 TacSol16Thanks to Chet Alvord as well as Dana & Steve Petrie for another Thing
destination where we learned something new.

Tactical Solutions

Jan 13

Thing Adventures

001This is why you drive a THING !!


002Narrow road…….good handbrake!!


Temps 102 degrees. We held up the Schwans Ice Cream guy with water  pistols.  Got two boxes of Drumsticks!!!

Temps 102 degrees. We held up the Schwans Ice Cream guy with water
pistols. Got two boxes of Drumsticks!!!


Should have driven a Thing down Steens Mountain

Should have driven a Thing down Steens Mountain


Mesa Falls,  Eastern Idaho

Mesa Falls, Eastern Idaho

Cross Sabre Ranch........Oregon Thing Run 2002

Cross Sabre Ranch……..Oregon Thing Run 2002

Back country run.  Left it as we found it!!

Back country run. Left it as we found it!!


Devils Tower Wyoming.  2003

Devils Tower Wyoming. 2003

Project 2003  Paid $3200 as is.

Project 2003 Paid $3200 as is.


Project ready for paint.

Project ready for paint.

Paint finished.

Paint finished.


1853cc Thumper.

1835cc Thumper.

Project done.

Project done.


New project.  1944

New project. 1944

Oct 27


Pulling the grade up to the summit. Lots of washboard and gravel.OCT2013a



 Road gets worse as you gain altitude.



Duke pulling the last curve before the summit.  The elevation at the top was just shy of 6000 ft.



Andrew putting Thor to the test.  Easy pull for him.


Not much parking!  Great cell phone signal!!!



Great views.  Good run.


Sep 03

Day trip into the back-country of Owyhee County.


We just did a day trip into the remote back-country of Owyhee County.



Decent trails for today’s run.


Scenery not too bad either.


Twisting Road. The Official name of the road is Antelope Ridge Road.



Picking our way along looking for signs of a road.



A little steep for our Things.


We always try to stay on existing roads…..keeps it looking like this.


- Mike





Aug 11

My Favorite Pics From Thing Country

(Click on image to enlarge)

A back-country trip to the Buffalo Jump.  Montana


Don Eddys Latest Restoration.  Montanathing08102013a

Duke & Helen’s Smooth Runner!   Montana


Andrew Lockharts ORANGE Thing .  Thor      Montana


Al & Liz Farmerys beautiful and well done Big Juan.    Montana

thing08102013eThing Parking….     Boise, Idaho


Thing Country.   Central Idaho


Thing Country…………….Central Idaho